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Lunar Prelude

I grew up in a rural part of Northern Washington. There wasn’t as much artificial light and the nights were darker. At my home, the silhouette of the Cascade mountains was present on the eastern horizon, and in my youth in the late hours of the evening, I would watch on clear nights as the moon rose above those mountains to begin its journey across the heavens.


The moon fascinates me, and many emotions come to life in these first moments of the moons appearance on these nights. Power and mystery surround the moon. It dominates the night sky, seemingly unaware of the distant stars and their struggle in competing to give off light. Yet it does not struggle back. It allows all beings to exist with no thoughts of destruction and with this the moon brings a sense of peace as it follows its natural course through the universe.

The moon breaks the boundaries of our imagination, setting it free to wander. In doing so, it becomes a guardian to us, protecting us from the limits of our current reality. The moon inspires us to dream. I watch the moon rise and these moments become a prelude to my sleep that would follow. A prelude for dreams.

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