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  • Private lessons offered for Piano, Composition and Music Theory.

  • 30, 45 and 60 min lessons times available

  • Lessons are held once a week at my home studio.

  • Ages 6 and up.

  • Performance opportunities

  • Contact me for more information about my teaching approach and to set up a free trial lesson!

Lesson Rate: $60 per hour

One of my favorite things to have happen in a lesson is when the student enters with their book already open, sets it on the stand, points to a section of music on the page and says, "I don't understand this section." Where others might see failure in this statement, I see potential. This is problem recognition and it's the first step in creating independence when approaching the skill of problem solving. This is a skill that translates across all aspects of life and it's a skill that is easily practiced in learning music. With this being the case, it's incredibly important to have teachers who are patient enough, and who care about more than just the music, to work with their students in the development of this skill.

There's a long list of studies that show the benefits of learning music. From fine motor development and improved physical coordination to strengthened pathways between parts of the brain and greater memory function. If these aren't enough of a reason to learn an instrument, then the enjoyment of playing should be. It's important to me as a teacher to find music that the student connects with, and to then teach them the skills to learn play a perform that music at the highest level of their potential.

I've been playing piano for twenty-five years, composing for twenty and teaching for eleven. I feel comfortable working with students of all levels, ages, and aspirations. Whether it's your first lesson, or your hundredth, I am prepared and eager to join you on your musical journey!

My goals as a teacher:
  • To install an understanding of music as a language.
  • To create excellent note readers and steady beat keepers.
  • To help students learn how to recognize and solve problems.
  • To help students discover and learn music that speaks to them.
"He's gotten Delilah a lot further through her book, knowledge and relit her motivation for playing in 3 lessons more than other teachers did in a year." - Jade (Parent)

"Nathan has an approachable, patient style. He does a good job mixing types of music and a variety of practice elements." - Andy (Parent)

"Nathan Campbell is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. Whether he is teaching his elementary Piano Team students, private piano lessons or composition, Nathan utilizes his in-depth knowledge of gamification, tension-free ergonomics, and a systematized approach to note-reading and whole-body rhythm instruction. Nathan uses a myriad of hands-on tools with his students that help them access abstract ideas more quickly and a with a sense of fun. Teacher Nathan is the original creator of many piano and music reading games. These fun, simple games make a huge difference  in how quickly students learn, and they also increase engagement - students love Teacher Nathan's games!  Reading music and coordinating hands at the piano can be challenging for students or all ages, but Nathan's fun approach makes the process accessible. His students eagerly anticipate Nathan's lessons week to week, as he crafts a personalized plan that helps each student progress at the rate that is just right for them.  Mr. Campbell is a master in his craft, and brings the special gifts of kindness, warm encouragement and a sincere interest in his students' motivation. As an accomplished, active composer Nathan understands the value of helping students of all ages find their voice at the instrument." - Simone Bley (Owner Myriad Music School)
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