What does music mean to you?

At the school I teach at, they recently asked the students and faculty to write a paragraph with the prompt of, “what does music means to you?” Here are my expanded thoughts on my answer. To me, Music explores the most mysterious of the five senses. As a species, we’ve chosen to use our aural sense as the main source of communication. What we taste, what we smell and what we feel is the same to all of us, and we can all have different opinions of what we enjoy for these senses, but not to the same extent as to what we hear. Our visual sense supplements our aural sense in communicating and at one point in our history our visual sense probably was the main form of communication, but now most l

Maturity comes with an understanding of time

Maturity comes with an understanding of time. While hiking with my brother in August of 2014, I came across this thought. We were hiking in the North Cascades near Ross lake on a trek called Devils Loop. The first six miles of the trail led to our first camp just under Crater Mountain. We would eventually make a six day loop that would take us around fifty miles through the wilderness. The trail started at just under 2,000 ft above sea level and ended at just under 6,000 ft. It went straight up the mountain with a series of what seemed like never ending switchbacks. Some of these switchbacks were pretty monstrous and defeated their own purpose. At that point in my life it was the hardest six

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